First Baby Boy Shower

June 8, 2019

It all started two years ago in March 2017 when I received a visitation dream (not superstitious I swear) from my deceased grandpa. He passed in 2014 right before I met my first boyfriend and now dad to my first child. He pays me visits via dreams and I strongly believe in them even though I am not superstitious. I figured I am more spiritual compared to many of my other family members so he can get through to me with his meaningful messages. That dream took place on the sky train in Vancouver where I picked a plump baby out of a pile of babies in a basket. I held the baby and the baby was doing some flexible yoga back bend with his head when I heard my grandpa holler across the sky train to warn me to be careful. My sisters were also in this dream and I remember saying to them how loud our grandpa is when he yelled across the train. My interpretation of this dream was based on my grandpa’s words in the dream that said he only will stay with me for two more years. Is he hinting that he will reincarnate into this precious little baby who will continue to bring me guidance and joy in my life? ANSWER IS YES!!! My baby’s father and I split in May 2017 and accidentally got pregnant in November 2018… this was all unplanned. On top of that, the dream hinted that my baby will be a boy and here we are, having a baby boy. This is so wild but all meant to be. I had an extremely challenging time in the beginning as to whether I should keep the baby because of the unstable relationship between myself the and baby’s dad. Time will tell and as I write this, I realized how far I’ve come along and baby James will definitely be the light of my life!

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